Pause Pilates Cronulla

Pause Pilates and Yoga in Cronulla is more than a yoga and pilates studio. It's a sanctuary where you can retreat from the busy world. Uniting the mind body and spirit through exercise, breathing and meditation. This will have a positive impact on the way you live. Your whole mind, body and spirit will feel the health benefits of Pilates and Yoga.
Fusing yoga therapy with core stabilising, posture-enhancing dynamics of pilates
Melissa brings both Pilates and Yoga exercise together at Pause Pilates & Yoga in Cronulla, to improve muscular and postural strength for everyone regardless of age.

Health benefits of Pilates & Yoga Cronulla

  • Greater core strength and flexibility of the abdominals and back
  • Increased flexibility of joints and muscles
  • More energy and improved ability to cope with stress
  • Improves injuries and body aches & pains
  • Enhanced ability to concentrate and focus your energy where it's really needed
  • More restful sleep
  • Feel more relaxed and re-energised, get more out of your day
  • Tone your body, great for weight loss!
  • More confidence


Yoga Pilates Cronulla Ambitions

Melissa Norman of Pause Pilates and  Yoga in Cronulla says her philosophy is Breathe, Pulse, Invigorate and Soothe.
You can achieve physical, mental, 
and spiritual harmony with yoga and pilates
Everyone has an option to suit their own body, if a particular pose is not suitable to an individual then an alternative is given
There are training and exercise programs to suit people of all ages and fitness levels. We are situated in the Sutherland Shire.
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