Pause Pilates & Yoga


Melissa Norman
Principal Teacher 

I come from a classical ballet and dance background. I have been practicing pilates and yoga for the past 20  years, completing my teacher training through the Soloman Yogalates ™ Academy in 2008 up in Byron Bay and have  been a teacher for 15 years 
 I am passionate about the combination of the two disciplines of pilates and yoga to one’s life as it has been my anchor and liberates me, which is so essential in daily life.
I teach a dynamic class combining the flexibility, meditative and spiritual moves of Yoga with the muscle strengthening power of Pilates. This provides an ideal balance of mind, body, breathing and movement.
During my class, I aim to suit the needs of individuals by modifying through yoga asana to pilates exercises, supporting an injury free practice. This is achieved in a joyful, positive and fun way! You will leave my class feeling vital and fit with a calm mind and a heightened sense of the light within.