Pilates and Yoga/Yogalates Classes

Our classes covers yoga for beginners and experienced students. 
All you need to do is find a time that suits you.
Yoga & Pilates Fusion: Mat Body Work.
Using Resistance Bands and weights, we fuse yoga therapy with core stabilising, posture enhancing dynamics of pilates.
We stretch, strengthen and tone the whole body while working to improve injuries and relieve body aches and pains.
With an option to suit everybody, come along to a class to soothe your nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation and promote inner calm.
General: Multi-level class for Beginners to advanced
What do you need:
No need to book in for classes
Bring your own thick yoga mat and towel
Arrive 10 - 15 before the class starts
Advise the teacher of any injuries, like knee/lower back/wrist  issues prior to class.
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See you on the mat